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[CQ-Contest] RUFZ on XP

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] RUFZ on XP
From: "K5ZM" <k5zm@comcast.net>
Date: Sat, 27 Nov 2004 22:04:49 -0800
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Hi all.. 

Well, most of you are probably busy with WW CW. But I'm sitting this one out
and am busy getting my new XP machine all loaded up with the fun stuff that
I like, RUFZ being one of them. Now, XP is new to me  -moved up from 98-
and I see that on the RUFZ website there's a link to an app called dosbox.
Says it enables RUFZ to be run under XP, so I'm assuming RUFZ is pretty much
unusable without it. Anyone have any experiences with dosbox as it relates
to RUFZ and XP?? 

Tnx es 73

Ian, K5ZM 

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