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[CQ-Contest] Fw: [3830] CQWW CW A61AJ(SM7PKK) SOSB/80 HP

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Fw: [3830] CQWW CW A61AJ(SM7PKK) SOSB/80 HP
From: "Timo Klimoff" <timo.klimoff@dnainternet.net>
Date: Wed, 1 Dec 2004 18:07:02 +0200
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Subject: [3830] CQWW CW A61AJ(SM7PKK) SOSB/80 HP

CQ Worldwide DX Contest, CW

Call: A61AJ
Operator(s): SM7PKK
Station: A61AJ

Class: SOSB/80 HP

At least couple of years ago, CQWW Contest Committee had a clear opinion about the rules that same callsign can be used only in one category. Maybe A61AJ was on 40m single band and others are check logs?

73, Timo OH1NOA

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