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Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2005 12:38:21 +0200
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> Patrick Hoppe
> Last night was my first Sprint. 

I guess I was sprinting at the same time.

Never done that b4.
Really excellent.
Out of the old box of contesting.
Lots to learn.

I was told Glenn had develeped an accent.
..that was me, OH6LI .. now /AM on my way home. I was at K6NA.

> It was truly an exhilarating 
> experience.  

This odd-to-me word means kind of beefed up feeling.
Oh boy, was I awake !

That was so wonderful experience.

No 59 needed.
Just the exchange.

Both calls required during each exchange.

Sprint has none of the problems many have felt CQWW or any
other pileup running contests have had.

But it was so complicated at the beginning.
i needed to learn new skills.

It felt like learning Q abbreviations.. do I really need this?
After getting the exchange pattern run, I felt good.

Being a foreigner, the contest was foney, not CW.
It was so difficult.

But hey, I survived.
Really I believe I learned something.
At the end I really enjoyed.

The contest a tad short?
Just 4 hours.

Sprint is an excellent contest for any beginner, YB or OB or
OT to participate.

For more experienced guys the Sprint is more intellectual contest
than the others.

> I
> would like to thank the ops that put together the many web 
> sites that gave
> hints & tips for sprint night. 

I repeat this: thank you to all who have contributed in the Sprint tips.
I read a couple of hints I found in the net.

> The only thing that you guys didn't tell us is that if you 
> operate just one.
> you are bitten with the bug and will be back for more.  

I sure was bitten.
K6NA made me learn a lot of operating and especially 2 radio
operating during this Sprint.

..you know, there is nothing better than a tap on the shoulder and kind
words with encouragement 'you got the message pattern right!'

It is uncool we do not have this contest in Europe.
We have our own Sprint and I will definitely participate the
next one if I have any chance of going QRV on any band for 
the contest.

> In four hours I had 126 Q's and 32 mults.  Not impressive by 
> any means.

I got 93 Q and multis I do not remember.
I  consider me-self as some experienced contester.

You beat me hands down.

I definitely had a benefit of my accent.
It did attract stations to answer me.

Glenn's beams did provide some signal and that beefed up my score.
It is unbelieveable to operate a station that has a command of
any frequency it moves to.

Sprint gives room to skilled opeartors.
Signal does not really make the score.
Sprint gives room to operators with stamina - going QRV thru the test.

Pat likely has this quality. Stamina is important!
In Finnish we call that 'sisu'.

That alone makes him an asset to any club or multi station.
Not to mention his own endeavours.

> BUT, I had a ball.  And in my mind, that is why we are in 
> this hobby.  My
> goal will be to increase that score by one, in the next NA 
> Sprint - SSB.  

Home improvement.
Equipment improvement.
Personal improvement.
Score improvement !

> Hmmm, only a week to get ready for the cw Sprint.


I am in Europe next weekend.
Now above the Atlantic, heading to Scandinavia and then to Finland.
I experienced a business trip but was able to spice it up with the
foney Sprint.

> 73's
> Pat
> WW9R

Thanks to K9PG, Paul, for getting me interested in the contest.

There is no hobby like the ham hobby.
Aluminum farmers GO !
To-be-Aluminum-farmers GET UP and build your stations.

Let's keep on producing scores.
Submit your logs!

Thanks to Glenn, K6NA, for letting me operate one of SouthWest's
greatest stations.
Thanks for tips, advice.
Thanks for the encouragement.

Jukka OH6LI/AM

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