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[CQ-Contest] K1ZM et All = Tourism plus!!

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] K1ZM et All = Tourism plus!!
From: "PY2NY - Vitor" <py2ny@terra.com.br>
Date: Sat, 11 Jun 2005 22:53:51 -0300
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Hi guys, arriving right now at my mother´s
house and looking for the following E-mail.
I can see that Jeff has a brazilian
soul and heart, for sure ! ! ! ! He wrote
better than a lot of us, citizens... Congrats,
dear brother Jeff, and thank you so much for
your words and support !! Costao do Santinho
is a beatiful resort 35 km from Florianopolis
downtown. All ok about WX and time that
you need before and after the WRTC
activities. Jeff has good plan, but if you are
thinking at something shorter, why not be
with us between July 04 and July 12? Anyway,
you really will have time enough to do a lot of
things and specially to spend your time at happy
hours late afternoon. I am leaving Brasil tomorrow,
going to Friedrichshafen and have a very good
touristic material with me, including a special
book with all bar and restaurants around the
island, it´s really amazing !! I will leave one
complete folder at each Leagues booth at
HamRadio in Germany, including ARRL, DARC,
REP, REF, RSGB and others... I believe that I
have around 30 folders with this special material,
only. Will retain one of these and distribute all
others to the Leagues there. My wife PU2VYT and
me will try to sit (specially at Saturday), wearing
"Brasil" T-shirts at BCC, RRDXA and other booths
with a little MPEG (fine) movie from Costao do
Santinho and Florianopolis, that folder, our QSL
cards and logbook, and twelve (12) little bottles
of "cachaca", our national spirit made of sugar cane
alcohol!! I know that isn´t enough, anyway, I can
tell you something about  flights to Florianopolis,
or even Araraquara PY5EG/PY2OMS actual big gun
shack and Ribeirao Preto/Jaboticabal PY2NY little
pistol station.
To easily recognize PY2NY (OM) and PU2VYT (YL),
just go to www.qrz.com/py2ny - we are both
drinking water at those large glasses...
I am doing this by myself, remember that, and
anything wrong is also my responsability, but we
are just trying to act like volunteer and answer
some little questions about this "south hemisphere
hamfest". Any other special question or request
NEED to be sent for Stearing Committe at WRTC
e-mail list discussion, of course.
See you soon, and sorry - will be away from
internet for a while... 73 - PY2NY




Data:Sat, 11 Jun 2005 14:30:23 EDT

Assunto:Re: [WRTC2006] Tourism at WRTC and Travel Considerations

> Eric
> Your email inquired about spectator things to do at WRTC and the notion of 
> arriving earlier and departing later than the actual WRTC period.
> I can tell you a bit of PRELIMINARY and UNOFFICIAL information for you to 
> think about.
> The formal WRTC games period is July 7th-10th, 2006, but it is indeed fun to 
> arrive early if you have the vacation time and can afford to spend money on a 
> few more nights for a hotel, rental car, etc.
> At some point, PY5EG and the organizers will probably make some kind of 
> announcement as to the means by which SPECTATORS can arrange their hotel 
> bookings for the WRTC hotel (resort) Costao do Santinho which is on the NE 
> side of Santa Catarina island - not far from the capital city of 
> Florianopolis.
> Then you might decide the dates on which you wish to actually arrive and 
> depart.  How the committee will provide you with the means to make the 
> bookings I cannot tell you at this point - but I am sure there will be such 
> an announcement - as LOTS of folks are starting to think as you are now - or 
> will very soon.
> I can tell you from past WRTC's, SOME folks (competitors and guests) do 
> arrive a few days earlier to socialize with each other and have fun - and 
> some stay on afterwards to see and do things after the formal part of WRTC is 
> over.
> I myself might arrive on July 2nd or so - and depart July 13th or so - as an 
> example of what I have been thinking about for my family specifically.
> You asked about spectator programs - and there may indeed be some of these 
> announced by the committee in due course.  In addition to those that may be 
> arranged by the Organizers, I am sure there will be some HOTEL day trips, 
> sightseeing tours that can be arranged through the resort concierge (if you 
> are interested) - as this is a real resort - and they will have such things 
> available for sure.
> During WRTC itself, there are SOME spectator participant programs - such as 
> the opening & closing ceremoies of the games, some PUBLIC meals & programs 
> (usually in the evening) - I am sure these will be listed in the WRTC program 
> guide prepared by the organizers.
> One of the VERY BEST parts of all the WRTC programs have been the evening 
> (and nearly all night) beer drinking and BS sessions that take place among 
> the organizers, the competitors, judges and spectator guests.  You will no 
> doubt find these great fun.
> Folks all take their meals together as well - so WRTC is really a non-stop 
> contesting HAMFEST until the time when the competitors leave to set up their 
> stations at their respective sites and then of course, when the actual 
> competition begins at 1200z on Saturday morning.
> During the competition, guests usually go on a tour, hang out at the resort - 
> or even follow the WRTC team results at the main hotel site - assuming 
> on-line (hourly) tracking of scores in the competition is made available as 
> it was last time in Finland.
> I should mention that Santa Catarina island is replete with beaches, chances 
> to go touring (the whole island is beautiful and scenic) and, of course, 
> Florianopolis is quite a nice city to visit for a day should you desire to do 
> so.
> If you want to find out what is available right from the hotel - do a google 
> search on Costao do Santihno (resort) and check out what the various travel 
> agencies say about this resort - I am sure you will learn about activities 
> available through the hotel that way.
> Finally, remember, this is WINTER in South America - so it will not be 86F 
> (30C) every day while we are there.  My PY friends tell me that despite the 
> fact that it is their Winter, we can expect daytime highs of around 60F - and 
> maybe a bit more if there is full sun.   About the only thing I think this 
> will preclude is swimming in the ocean - but hey ....you never know.  I am 
> sure walks on the beach and general touring will surely be possible with 
> daily temps in the low to mid 60's.
> Hope this helps - and keep watching the WRTC 2006 site for more news as it 
> becomes available from the organizers.
> One final note - YES - a Brazilian visa is a must for travel to Brazil from 
> the USA.  There are some RULES to follow on when to apply, how long after 
> date of ISSUANCE you must actually enter Brazil, and if I recall correctly, 
> the VISA is good for multiple re-entry visits for a period of 5 years 
> following the date of FIRST entry into Brazil under your VISA.
> Please do check out a Brazilian government site for specific CURRENT details 
> on Brazilian VISA requirements - as I am citing this here now from memory - 
> and not from current requirements
> Hope to CU at WRTC 2006 Eric.
> 73 JEFF K1ZM
> For the WRTC Organizing Committee   

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