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[CQ-Contest] Update on Krassy Petkov - K1LZ

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Update on Krassy Petkov - K1LZ
From: K1ZM@aol.com
Date: Sun, 12 Jun 2005 13:21:38 EDT
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I just spoke to Krassy Petkov's wife about his condition and Krassimira gave 
me the following update as of mid afternoon today.  They operated on him last 
night and did surgical repairs to his left leg around the hip.  Apparenty some 
metal parts were involved and Krassy is in ALOT of pain.  Yet, the doctors 
are optimistic about his recovery.

At the moment, not only is his left leg broken but the right one is severely 
bruised and Krassy is basically immobile - he cannot move at all.  There is no 
paralysis - just some time needed to recover from his injuries I guess.

He is in the Cape Breton Regional Hospital in Sydney, NS - and as far as I 
know, he has no phone at this time.  I called the main patient number and a 
nurse went and found Krassimira so she could come to the phone and talk with me.

That's the latest on his condition - please keep this big guy in your prayers 
- he has alot to go through from this fall before things get back to normal.


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