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From: "Clive Whelan" <clive.whelan@btinternet.com>
Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2005 23:25:24 -0000
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It's hopeless. I've been where you are some years ago, when they just threw
about 30 hours of my hard work in the bin, because it didn't fit some daft
idiosyncratic log format that they had decided should be mandatory.

Sorry JARL, I don't jump through hoops. If you want entrants to your contest
you need to accept standard log formats like Cabrillo.

Bottom line is, they don't seem to care-what a shame.


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This complaint has been made many times over the years, many times, and
seems to fall on deaf ears in Japan. I would like to submit my AA log, not
because I'm going to win anything, but because it's the right thing to do.
I've tried submitting my log 2 different ways:
1. With the log and summary sheet attached as a file attachment.
2. Copy and Paste the log and summary sheet and send it as a text message.
Either way I get an email which I have inserted at the end. I use CT as my
logging program. If anyone has emailed their logs without receiving the
error message please tell me how. I really enjoy participating in the AACW
but it's getting a little old having my logs fall into some deep dark hole.
Thanks in advance...73

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of your submission does not meet our recommendation. Please check our
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contest@jarl.or.jp with above mentioned reception number.

c.c. JARL

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