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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Fw: [SEDXC] FW: [RTTY] thats very sad Gert - LOTWUserUpdate
From: "Fred Benardella" <wa2hfi@ix.netcom.com>
Date: Thu, 26 Jan 2006 18:14:17 -0000
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Very well put Joe. As past management if you want a program or procedure to 
work you must get everyone in the organization to support it and endorse it. 
To present something to the public and not have your own people endorse it 
doesn't make much sense.

I have been using it since it's inception and have read and re-read the 
instructions a bunch of times to make sure I understood everything before I 
tried it. I have had no problems but still could ask for a bunch of changes 
to their LoTW program. I guess what they really need is a "LoTW Reflector" 
where people could go to others for help with it. Not just the FAQ's they 
have on the web. I know they are very resposive to questions and answer 
rather quickly but I am sure their time at Headquarters could better be used 

Thanks for listening,
Fred KH6FI

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Sent: Thursday, January 26, 2006 00:04
Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] [SEDXC] FW: [RTTY] thats very sad Gert - LOTW 

> Wes,
> Logbook of the World is not a "DX only" program.  It serves as one
> option for confirming ANY QSO.  Logbook of the World is an ARRL
> program, no less important that many of the League's other programs.
> I am concerned that I heard or worked no less  four of the League's
> key staff persons and Officers on Terry's list during NAQP who appear
> to have never uploaded a single log.  I am aware to at least two
> others on that list who are active DXers but have never uploaded
> a log to LotW.
> How can someone who is charged with allocating resources make an
> informed decision about a program that they have not even tried
> and cannot possibly understand?  Further, what kind of example
> does it set when a significant number of the ARRL leadership ignore
> a program?  Would you be as understanding if the leadership were
> to ignore the Spectrum Defense Fund, say they did not have time to
> understand "the BIG Project," or ignore Broadband over Powerline?
> Logbook of the World is the modern, digital equivalent of "the
> final courtesy."  That you, or any of the ARRL leadership, do not
> care to make use of it does not make it any less important or
> worthwhile.
> Among other things, leadership includes setting an example and
> embracing the organization's priorities no matter one's personal
> feelings.  It is not an imposition for the participant in a contest
> to "sign" the very same Cabrillo file they e-mail to the contest
> sponsor and e-mail or upload the file to Logbook of the World.  To
> expect the leadership to take the small amount of time needed to
> upload logs and understand the system is far from elitist.  To
> expect the leadership of any organization to actually exhibit
> leadership is hardly revolutionary.
> 73,
>    ... Joe, W4TV
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> Subject: Re: [SEDXC] FW: [RTTY] thats very sad Gert - LOTW User Update
> Good Grief Terry (AB5K),
> The ARRL is not all about DX!  The ARRL represents ALL aspects of amateur
> radio.  To condemn ARRL officials that are not using LoTR is a pitiful
> representation of the elitist attitude of a lot of DXers that drives other
> amateurs away from our segment of amateur radio.  You will not believe 
> this,
> but DX represents a VERY small percentage of the overall activities
> supported by the ARRL.
> Best,
> Wes - W3WL
> President - Southeastern DX Club
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