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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Contest Radios
From: Tom Taormina <tom@k5rc.cc>
Date: Fri, 06 Jul 2007 09:18:02 -0700
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I did not mean to minimize the capabilities of the K3, but almost any 
contester can sit down in front of an MP (or 2000) and not have a 
long learning curve. In the 70's, I had S-Lines and Drake C Lines 
that had similar attributes of operator familiarity. As you say, 
Doug, in a few years most contesters may be K3 addicts, in which case 
we will fulfill marketing guru's dreams by continually buying new 
radios. I will have to hold out,  however, until the radio is called 
a K5 or K7. 8-)

>Hi Tom (et al),
>If you have a lot of guest ops, maybe you made a reasonable choice, 
>although I do note
>that there are still lots of "knobs" to find, remember where they 
>are, and use on the 2000.
>For most single (non-guest) ops, the vast majority of functions are 
>present on the front
>panel of the K3; I mean, how often will one adjust the sidetone 
>pitch or the cw rise time
>(which are on menus)?
>Once you start contesting, it's all right there for you (K3) and not 
>via a menu.  I think that if
>one wants to twiddle too many dials during a contest, well, maybe 
>they are more into DXing
>than winning a contest.  LOL  (monoband entries possibly exempted, 
>esp low bands).
>If you measure your logic again in, say, 3 years, the results may 
>change because by then, I
>suspect that most contesters will be using the K3 (ie, no learning 
>curve cuz it's already the
>radio they know).
>How's that for a bold prediction?
>de Doug KR2Q

Tom Taormina, K5RC
Virginia City Nevada USA
Home of NACHO - W7RN and RANN - K7RC
Web Site: http://k5rc.cc/   FOC 1760  
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