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Re: [CQ-Contest] CQ WW zero Point Qs

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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] CQ WW zero Point Qs
From: Pete Smith <n4zr@contesting.com>
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2007 16:54:25 -0400
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Rick, I was with you right to the point where you said you don't log the 
W/VE QSOs in ARRL DX.  Why not?  As long as you're working them anyhow, I 
think most logging programs will let you "forced-enter" a non-qualified 
QSO.  That way, if it turns out to be a new guy who just needed you for his 
first-ever WAS, he doesn't send a QSL to you only to get a "not-in-log" 
reply back.  Seems to me it's in our self-interest to encourage these guys, 
not give them the cold shoulder.

73, Pete N4ZR

At 10:06 AM 7/10/2007, NQ4I wrote:
>Hi Ed...I like your approach, but want to take issue that the problem
>doesnot happen in ARRL also...the logging programs will not asccept qso's
>from ve or w/k as its set up for dx only format..so we don't log the ve or
>w/k qso's in arrl...we work'em and keep going..so the problem doesnot appear
>there for that reason...giving away a zone credit will not solve the
>problem...its the good'ol boy thing thats happening here in cqww...they hear
>you/us calling cq contest...not knowing the rules, they respond with a qso
>to help out...doesn't do any good to tell them thanks but no thanks....so
>like a good boy scout we work'em and log'em and go on....contrary to some
>opinions here, the people who are calling to help out, tend to be fairly
>strong...most in my case are from W1-W3 areas...and they cover up potential
>EU callers who might be many s units down in strength.... does the calling
>EU, who might be weaker in strength move on in frustration...maybe...don't
>know for sure...but for this period of time we are disposed taking this zero
>pointer call....
>I do like KR2Q's possible good side effect...the rate meter is much higher
>and should make the run op "set his hair on fire" even more...hi
>73 de Rick nq4i
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>From: "Ed Sawyer" <sawyered@earthlink.net>
>To: <cq-contest@contesting.com>
>Sent: Tuesday, July 10, 2007 6:27 AM
>Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] CQ WW zero Point Qs
> >I can certainly appreciate the concern of working 100s and 100s of Qs that
> > are of no point or mult value for stations.  It IS a question that
> > deserves
> > discussion.  To me however, the 80% solution is so simple really and
> > doesn't
> > change in ANY WAY the contest as we know it.
> >
> > Just give everyone the automatic mult of their own country and zone on any
> > band that they have a QSO on.  We are all working that anyway, so no
> > scores
> > or records are affected.
> >
> > What happens?  Well, I can speak for myself.
> >
> > I don't work Rick on any band for a "K 05" double mult...especially 10M
> > where I have often worked Rick in the last few years from here (thanks
> > Rick).
> >
> > I very likely don't work any zone 4 US station sice I will quickly work a
> > zone 4 VE3 on all bands.
> >
> > That leaves zone 3 where I may still end up working NK7U or some other
> > beacon station from out there on a couple of bands if needed.
> >
> > In my opinion, this would cut out 50 - 75% of the "need it for a mult" Qs
> > at
> > strong M/M and SOAB stations and not effect anything else.
> >
> > I personally do not buy the "most guys think they are just helping out"
> > argument.  Why?  The same guys would be "helping out" in ARRL DX but the
> > fraction of zero pointers there is way way less.  Since the "helper
> > outers"
> > don't know the rules in either of the contests...they should be just as
> > helpful in both.  No...the vast vast majority of the zero point Qs in CQ
> > WW
> > are people chasing the mult (like me).  Eliminate the need...and the
> > problem
> > is basically gone.
> >
> > Let the rest of the contest breath on...for those of you who like the
> > "work
> > everybody format", please join me in the IARU where there are no zero
> > point
> > Qs.
> >
> > 73
> >
> > Ed  N1UR
> >
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