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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] Please DO SOMETHING!
From: kd4d@comcast.net
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2007 14:11:10 +0000
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Hi Martin:

I just finished operating a M/S for IARU.  Yes, we used the packet cluster.
BUT, I expect the top single operators to have more multipliers than we do.
And, I don't think they are using the cluster.

Why?  Because of the ten minute rule for Multi-Singles:
  4.2.1.   Must remain on a band and mode for at least 10 minutes before 
changing bands or modes.

A single operator can make a quick band or mode change to pick up a
multiplier.  As a M/S, I cannot - if I make the change, I'm "stuck" for ten

Let's see...we had 247 multipliers.  The top US/VE single operator (mixed)
on 3830 so far had 248!  He also "beat" us by almost 600,000 points.
Not being restricted to a band/mode for ten minutes, especially 
if using two radios, is a HUGE advantage.  This is why the single operator
scores are so much higher than the M/S scores.


Mark, KD4D
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From: "Martin Monsalvo, LU5DX" <lu5dx@yahoo.com>
> Dear contesters:
>   If I am not wrong, the usage of packet cluster is totally forbiden during 
> the 
> IARU HF Championship.
>   I participated in the SOAB CW HP class. Single radio, just a tribander, a 
> 4M40 
> and a loop for 80 mts.
>   I did my best to catch as many mults as possible using the "in band" dual 
> reception of our IC 781.
>   Not having 160 also did not help in increasing the mult total.
>   But anyway that is not my point. If you take a look at the DX claimed 
> socres, 
> you will see some mult totals that really will catch your attention. I mean, 
> how 
> is it possible for a single op, single mode, to work only 9 mults less than 
> the 
> best of all the Multi Single stations (in terms of mults). I really do not 
> get 
> it! I really hope to be wrong, and I will accept if someone gives a logic 
> explanation about this numbers. I mean maybe they are totally possible, but 
> if 
> you think a little bit..... Multi Single: one more mode, a lot more listening 
> capabilities, etc. Vs Single Op (even if it is SO2R), on mode less, a lot 
> less 
> listening capabilities.....
>   I beg the organizers to double check for possible packet cluster abuse. I 
> really love to go SOAB Assisted, but in this contest it is not allowed, so 
> that 
> one have to use only the radio(s). I really do not believe we all were doing 
> the 
> same way!.
>   73
>   Martin, LU5DX
>   Martin, LU5DX 
>   www.5bits.hamfun.com 
>   http://lu5dx.blogspot.com
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