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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] Please DO SOMETHING ++ I WANT TO BELIEVE!!
From: "Martin Monsalvo, LU5DX" <lu5dx@yahoo.com>
Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2007 10:50:50 -0700 (PDT)
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Hi Tono:
  Well let´s suppose that the 10 minute rule for MS is a big handicap. No we 
have some other numbers. The top entrant in CW has only 33 mults less than the 
boys at DA0HQ with 12 stations six in each mode and lots of ears!!!
  That is truly amazing!! I really want to become such a great op! But well, 
I´m 34 and have been contesting only for little over 20 years now. I guess If I 
keep trying hard I´ll reach that level when I´m 240 y/o!!! :-)
  Believe me, I´m not saying that it is not possible. Sure it is, I´m just 
impressed at how well some people can perform!
  Martin, LU5DX @ mult hunting elementary school!!!
  I don't agree to that David. I think it is definitely strange when SOAB
makes similar or higher mult count than M/S, even in IARU contest.

Let's calculate. Average QSO count for EU top SO and M/S stations is 2,500
Q-s and about 9,000 QSO points. Average mult count about 300. Thus every QSO
(taking also into account that you work a mult at every ca 15th Run QSO) is
worth about 1,300 points. Every worked mult is worth more than 10,000

Top M/S stations definitely have cluster and two or more stations so they
can easily prepare to take mults on the next Run band right after band
change. M/S station can change bands in every ten minutes and you can do
band changes pretty often without losing so much in the rate. Thus after
every band change you go and sweep the PREPARED band for multipliers and you
have every motivation to do so even if you work just 1 QSO in 4-5 minutes
given the mult is almost worth 10 times ordinary QSO!! But of course you can
work them at least 1 per minute thus maybe being only 2 times slower than
the run station.

At the same time SOAB who is running over 100Q per hour rate and without
cluster has to work very hard to find time to work mults on the second
radio, he can only cover one band at a time and if he wants to scroll
through one band it takes much more than 10 minutes and he will not be able
to find all those mults that M/S can for sure. He is just so much
disadvantaged compared to M/S. 

...unless he is using cluster...or second operator who is working mults...

I just don't buy the 350 mult count for SO in IARU, I just don't.


  Martin, LU5DX 

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