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From: "Yuri VE3DZ" <ve3dz@rigexpert.net>
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Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2007 07:21:23 -0400
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Steve and Judy wrote:
> One thing that I would like to know is, how an SO2R station running at
over 100 Q's an hour on his main rig for 24 hours finds the time to S&P  on
his 2nd rig. That would be worth knowing.
> 73  Steve,  ZC4Li.

Hi Steve.
Why don't you take a listen to CT1BOH and K5ZD recordings? Looks pretty
obvious to me...
I can provide direct links:
Some other recordings available too...

There are lots of things that people believe CAN NOT be done, because they
_CAN NOT_ do them.
How, for instance, N5TJ and K1TO, could win three WRTC's in a row? :-))

See you on bands.
Yuri  VE3DZ

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