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[CQ-Contest] NS Ladder The Final Week

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] NS Ladder The Final Week
From: hounds1234@comcast.net (Bill Haddon - n6zfo)
Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2007 15:11:23 +0000
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After 17 weeks of spirited Thursday night competition and contest fun the final 
week of the NS Ladder competition is finally here.

In the four divisions of NS Ladder, W9RE, K7SS, N6ROand K9BGL are leading the 
pack by probably unsurmountable scores, although K9BGL had better watch out for 

But the exciting race is for 2nd place in the NCCC, where summer fun advocate 
K7NV is leading our NS Ladder enthusiast and promoter, K6VVA, by a mere 154 
points out of 12000.  Given that the average weekly score difference between 
these competitors is 411 points, or about 40 percent of an average weeks score, 
the outcome is highly unpredictable, like a lot of things these days.  

And speaking of competition . . years ago, I think it was Frank Shorter who 
hung around the Boston Marathon to meet and sincerely congratulate the last 
place runner for his determined spirit and remarkable capacity to stay the 
course for so many hours.  In that vein, we congratulate Scot, KA3DRR, who 
bravely and with spirit, has held up the lower regions of the competition with 
his total of 76 NS Ladder points.  It's become a kind of weekly sport to hear 
and work KA3DRR/6 and we hope many of you will listen for this fine new 
competitor.  But if you miss Scot, be sure to read about the NS Experience at 
KA3DRR.blogspot.com.    Also, in the coming days I'll be posting some 
additional information on nsladder.blogspot.com as well.

So if you haven't joined the NS Ladder yet, consider doing so in this final 
Thursday night madness 0230-0300Z (Friday) on 20-160m cw.   Full information at 

Also, see the updated NS web page to see what's in store next week, when Ken, 
N6RO, takes over the weekly NS, and join other competitors on the NCCC Contest 
net, immediately following at 0300Z on 3610.  

73 Bill n6zfo/6

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