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[CQ-Contest] cqww ssb spotting report

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] cqww ssb spotting report
Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2007 22:12:03 +0000
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WOW!  I knew we were getting LOTS of spots this weekend, but this is even
above what I expected.  Last year in CQWW SSB I recorded 48k spots.  This
year it was up to 54317 spots in the database.  And during much of this time
my node had over 200 users, 230+ at one point, last year i think i was
topped out at about 120 or so.  Much of the weekend there were over 1000
spots/hr, peaking over 1600 spots/hr Sunday.

Most spotted stations:
DX      Count
V26B    569
C50C    542
1A3A    537
HC8N    531
6Y1V    420
TS6A    369
PJ4E    353
AO8A    344
J3A     332
CQ9K    296
WP2Z    295
FY5KE   286
DR1A    271
VP5T    261
T70A    260
PJ2T    260

Busiest spotters:
Spotter count
AA3B            1479
S52W            604
NQ4I            459
W1NT            417
RK3DZB  408
KS0T            389
K4MM            385
N2RM            370
RL3A            352
DJ1AA           340
W3LPL-4 334
K3CT            325

Unfortunately this is WAY too big to show all the details here.  So I am
going to summarize here more than usual and you can download the raw data
from my web site.  It seems that either there is a new batch of spotting
cheaters or the ones that have been out there have forgotten what showed up
last year.  What you can do to help is to put pressure on those who use
these obvious attempts to cheat and get them to play nicer with others.

Cheerleader report      

spotter dx              Spots   Total   Pct
BY1DX           BY1DX           73      73      100
KA2AEV  V26B            68      68      100
4Z5NU           4X0V            47      50      94
BG7IEU  BG7IEU  34      35      97
EA5CHA  EG5CMC  30      30      100
G0GFQ           G2B             28      28      100
MI3CMR  MI0JZZ  22      29      75
VE3KF           VE2Z            21      21      100
DO7GG           DR5A            20      27      74
DL0NG           CT9L            20      20      100

Lots of very dedicated cheerleaders this year for sure!


A 'single spotter' is someone who makes exactly one spot in the 48 hours.
In this table a high percentage of spots by 'single spotters' for non-rare
expeditions is often a sign that the spotter callsigns are being faked in
some way.  Big expeditions to really rare places often get high percentages
of dx hunters who only spot them to brag that they worked them, then turn
off their radio... High percentages for expeditions or really rare stations
are normally in the 20-30% range, 'normal' stations are usually in the
single digits.

Single spotter spots:

DX              Total   All             DXSummit
1A3A            537     36(6%)  16(2%)
C50C            542     34(6%)  14(2%)
PA1WLB  46      31(67%) 31(67%)  more below!
HC8N            531     27(5%)  3(0%)
HP1AVS  60      25(41%) 25(41%)  more below!
TS6A            369     19(5%)  8(2%)
EA7RU           59      18(30%) 17(28%)  more below!
F5KKD           46      15(32%) 4(8%)
CX9DX           34      15(44%) 15(44%)  more below!
RK3QWW  39      14(35%) 13(33%)  more below!
CC0Y            95      14(14%) 4(4%)
3DA0WW  202     13(6%)  5(2%)

Now what is interesting about this is that I do the statistics above and the
search for suspicious looking patterns below separately... it just happens
that both searches turned up the same 5 stations above by different methods.
Then, as a 3rd input I also search the DXSummit spot inputs separately, and
find more on the same stations.... so here we go.

PA1WLB (as an example of the data I'll leave this one complete and summarize
the rest)

Single spotter spots:
Spotter Freq            Comment
KB4RTY  14306.5 TEST STRONG 59
PA7JWC  14306    
NY2N            14277           CONTEST 59
YO7HJK  14254           59 strong CONTEST
RK6DF           14308.5 contest ww
WB4DF           14306.5 TEST
W3ER            14291           N4RJ-@:     59 CONTEST
KB4FG           14286.5 strong in NA
N2MD            14306.5  
KB4JKL  14277           59 CONTEST
KB4ON           14277           TNX CONTEST 59
KI4RF           14306.5 59 oppy in NA
WB1SD           14306.5 BIG SIG CONTEST
RX9HG           14306           tnx test ww ssb
N2FG            14286.5 59 contest
W3YSD           14254           tnx TEST
N2ER            14254           59 CONTEST
RK6YT           14286.5 59 contest strong
KB4WS           14268           STRONG SIG CONTEST
KB4RF           514254.7        CONTEST CQ CQ
IV3SDF  14306           Contest 59
K2HE            14306.5 59 tnx cont
N2DS            14268           TNX 59 14
JA3FDG  14306           59 ww ssb contest
K9HJ            14286.5 59   TEST
V21S            14259           contest
EA8BNM  14254           tnx TEST
RW9TY           14254           CQ CQ CONTEST
K2DS            14254           59 test ww

Observations:  lots of similar comments, does everyone really put the '59'
in their comment??  Does anyone??  And don't you love it when they brag!
Lots of integer or '.5' frequencies, obviously not a common pattern on
Call spot checks:
WB4DF - not issued
In this case there is not much info on dxsummit for these spots.  They may
have been entered directly into the #cqdx irc channel, or from some other
source that dumped them into dxsummit or #cqdx.

HP1AVS (ok, i'll leave this one full size also since there is dxsummit data
for him)

Single spotter spots:
Spotter Freq    Comment
LV5V            28430   cq ww
W0ETT           28463    
J37T            28463    
W5OM            28463    
CQ9K            28463    
XE1VY           28463    
EA8AAJ  28463    
CA1UGE  28463    
AA1K            28463    
CE1KR           28463    
ZX2B            28500    
LS2D            28434   CQWW
HK3TU           28462    
VP8NO           28462    
PY2ZY           28460   GOOD SIGNAL
KD5ZAT  28463    
PU1CCC  28500    
8P6EX           28463    
PY2DXX  28500    
CE3P            28500    
CX2DDP  28490    
LO7D            28460    
HC8N            28463    
C50C            28463    
LR2F            28460    

Observations: ALL integer frequencies!  VERY strange.  Almost no comments,
not unusual during a contest.  Lots of well known calls in this list of
spotters, including some rare dx and expeditions, now that is strange.

This is a group of spots for him from DXSummit, note the same IP address for
all the spots from different spotters around the world!
LO7D            28460         
CX2DDP  28490         
CE3P            28500         
PY2DXX  28500         
PY5WH           28500         
PU2MJU  28500         
ZX2B            28500         
PU1CCC  28500         
PY2ZY           28460   GOOD SIGNAL
CE1WNA  28480   signal  5-9
LV5V            28430   cq ww 
LS2D            28434   CQWW  
LR2F            28460         
HK3TU           28462         
OA4AHW  28462         
VP8NO           28462         
HC8N            28463         
NP2B            28463         
HK3Y            28463         
V26B            28463         
C50C            28463         
WD0M            28463         
J3A             28463         
W5ZO            28463         
CA1UGE  28463         
8P6EX           28463         
KD5ZAT  28463         
N0KE            28463         
W0ETT           28463         
J37T            28463         
W5OM            28463         
KC2PCR  28463         
XE1VY           28463         
CQ9K            28463         
CE1KR           28463         
EA8AAJ  28463         
VO1MP           28463         
VE3BDN  28463         
VE2Z            28463         
AA1K            28463         

and if there is any question left, that ip comes back to:
owner:       Cable & Wireless Panama
ownerid:     PA-CWPA1-LACNIC
responsible: Networks Operations
address:     Via España, Torre Bco. Nacional, 1, 
address:     083400659 - Panama - 
country:     PA


Single spotter spots were kind of ordinary looking.  Though split spots all
used a similar 3 digit frequency without 'qsx' which for computer loggers is
rather odd these days.

DXSummit spots from:
all came from
address:        Parque Empresarial La Finca
address:        Edificio 9
address:        Paseo del Club Deportivo, 1
address:        28223 Pozuelo de Alarcon
address:        Madrid, Spain


most spots came from F5MZN-3 node, including users
k5ya,w8zr,ja2pac,jr5vhu,gm3tt,w4is,ua4lw,hg1s, and n5au.  ALL had comments,
mostly saying zone 14 or 'cqww', both of which are rarely used by real

Spots from DXSummit:
F2MA    21252.5 cq ww 
W4JI    21214.5 Booming NA
N4DL    14330           Booming NA
W7WA    14330           zone 14

which of course is from 
address:        FRANCE TELECOM/SCR
address:        48 rue Camille Desmoulins
address:        92791 ISSY LES MOULINEAUX CEDEX 9
address:        FR


Another one with all integer frequencies.  The only comment from 3 different
spotters was "CONTES".

DXSummit spots from
All came from IP:
owner:       Administracion Nacional de Telecomunicaciones
ownerid:     UY-ANTA-LACNIC
address:     Treinta y Tres, 1418, P.3
address:     11000 - Montevideo - 
country:     UY

Lots of "CQ WW" comments.  Comments included with almost all spots including
saying what antenna he was using and direction he was beaming at the time.
Got spotted by P51AC which was interesting.

DXSummit spots from around the world from IP
address:        Oleg A. Yurlov
address:        115035 30, Kadashevskaya emb.
address:        Moscow, Russian Federation


Why??  Not rare enough to start with?  All integer frequencies... "59"
comments on several spots from different spotters.

must have been a dialup number as the DXSummit ip address kept changing, but
they all came back to:
OrgName:    African Network Information Center 
Address:    03B3 - 3rd Floor - Ebene Cyber Tower
Address:    Cyber City
Address:    Ebene
Address:    Mauritius


A52AM and also A52AN

Again WHY???  Most spots in this small group had comments "ww".

DXSummit spots from:
Note the common use of left handed suffixes, go type these and see what
fingers you use:
FGT, GFT, FRT, DER, DR, and maybe HG.

came from IP
netname:      SKYCC
descr:        SKYCC, VoIP and ISP, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
country:      MN


Why do these relatively rare places think they need to fake spots for
themselves????  Just call cq and with all the spotters out there you will
get spotted many more times by them without breaking rules or wasting time
playing on the internet!

A61HH - Again, this one hd most comments saying "CQWW" or "CQ WW", or one
just "WW".. all upper case as opposed to others that are often mixed case.
IP address comes back to:
org-name:       Emirates Telecommunications Corporation
org-type:       LIR
address:        Emirates Telecommunications Corporation - Etisalat
                P.O. Box 1150
                United Arab Emirates

There was a spotting competition in China from the looks of it, all of these
had suspicious groups of spots:

Others with similar patterns that were obviously fakes include:

I expect the log checkers will ask for the data again this year like they
have the last couple years.  If you want to do your own analysis or see if
you have been flagged by any of my checks and just didn't make the hit
parade listed here you can download the excel and access files, as well as
the raw data for this summary at:

Just please don't ask me to explain it all to you, if you don't know how to
use complex access queries or excel or how to trace ip addresses I don't
have time to explain it all to the world.

David Robbins K1TTT
e-mail: mailto:k1ttt@arrl.net
web: http://www.k1ttt.net
AR-Cluster node: 145.69MHz or telnet://dxc.k1ttt.net

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