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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] Help Please
From: Jim Smith <jimsmith@shaw.ca>
Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2007 21:53:33 -0700
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Hi Abubaker

N1MM is a very full featured, well documented, free contesting program


Because it is so full featured, it takes time to get used to.

It will import adif files and provide lots of statistics about how you 
did in that particular contest, including the score.

It may be that someone knows of a less complex way of doing what you want.

Did you use a computer to log your contacts or did you use a paper log? 
  If your log is on paper and you want to use a computer program to 
calculate the results, you will have to key all the contacts into the 
computer.  N1MM will work fine for that.

If your log is already on a computer, we will need to know whether you 
used a logging program or just typed it into Notepad or did something else.

73, Jim Smith   VE7FO

abu elzo wrote:
> Hallo dear  Hams
> After Years of QRT I am comeback and searching for Freeware Logging Programm 
> to Calculate my Score on CQWW SSB 2007 please Help.
> Tnx and see you on the Air,73
> Abubaker 5A1A & DL1AL

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