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Re: [CQ-Contest] RTTY Reflections

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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] RTTY Reflections
From: steve.root@culligan4water.com
Date: Mon, 07 Jan 2008 18:32:51 +0000
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And while were on the subject.... 
Why send 5NN instead of 599? This isn't CW.
What's with all the CR/LF stuff? I need to see your section before you scroll 
it off my screen.
What's with the LDC's (long delayed responses)? Some guys wait 15 or 20 seconds 
before answering your CQ. Why?
Why link Buckmaster into a contest exchange so you can send "TU (STEPHEN) 
etc.". The only one who calls me "STEPHEN" is my Mom and that's how I know I'm 
in big trouble (: 
I know what my call is. Why send it back to me 6 times?
Why send "VIRGINIA" when you can send "VA" and let me "grab" it with the mouse?
Enough ranting. In general I think there was a big improvement this year over 
last year. Shorter snappier exchanges were much more common, and only a few 
guys persistently called off frequency. I only had one guy call me "upside 
down". Activity was great even if conditions weren't (no DX from behind the 
Black Hole).
73 and thanks to everyone for all the Q's. It was fun! 
Steve K0SR 

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>Subject: [CQ-Contest] RTTY Reflections
>A couple of things stick out that I just have to mention...
>Why does it become more important to let someone know they show as a dupe in 
>your log than to just work them? If your being called by someone it is 
>obvious that they have either logged you incorrect or you think you worked 
>when you didn't. Just work them, now you are in their log and don't loose the 
>Q they don't have in their log with you! Easy!
>Why send the signal report, that is a given, 4 times and then your NR or QTH 
>that is not a given once?
>Why when asked for a fill and it is obvious that the signals are weak, not 
>give the report several times? Not the 599 again several times but the report 
>that is missing? Add this to your buffer so you can send "just" the missing 
>piece of the puzzle several time! ie: TX TX TX TX TX Saves soooo much 
>Lots of folks like to send callsigns several times and other items not 
>really needed but hey, if they want to see some print go across, that's ok... 
>working on the top three above sure would help out during tuff conditions.
>Ok I feel better! Enjoyed the weekend of RTTY...
>**************Start the year off right. Easy ways to stay in shape. 
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