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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] [CQ-Contest] Maine Contest Site For Sale
From: "Jim McDonald" <jim@n7us.net>
Date: Sun, 13 Jan 2008 17:16:58 -0600
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It's fun to dream.  Just to be a realist, I can't imagine how much it would
cost to refurbish and then maintain the tower if it is usable or how much it
would cost to remove it if it isn't.

Jim N7US
 -----Original Message-----

This would seem to be the location if the real estate map is anywhere near
close.  Odd, not all the way at the top of the hill... and not far from a
rather large bog... can anyone say noseeums??


is funny, the ms live earth satellite photos don't line up right in that
area.  And the google earth satellite is pretty bad also.  Probably not much
call for survey info up that way.

David Robbins K1TTT
e-mail: mailto:k1ttt@arrl.net

> -----Original Message-----
> Hi Guys,
> For a naieve  Californian, and seeing the price, which is almost less than
> the cost of Taxes for some Silicon Valley homes, and a sizeable tower
> there, which probably would cost much more than the asking price for the
> complete property, I am asking, what is wrong with this picture, besides
> the weather issues?    And I can only imagine, that;  not having
> experienced the typical Maine Weather.   I wonder what today's weather is
> there?
> Interesting on the ad, how they are not very professional, exact, on lot
> size...somewhere between 2 -5 acres mentioned, must be a category, of
> size....elsewhere 3.2 ac approx.   Also the "Plat" map.... god awful
> bizarre scale...gross distortion... Why would any kind of professional
> real estate person  print such a map?  No Cartography Classes in school
> anymore?
> What is the Lat Lon?  Google Maps does not have detailed scale maps at
> that location...
> http://www.realtor.com/realestate/topsfield-me-04490-1092696524/
> I would be interested in chatting more, about that site,  off line, esp
> anyone who has lived in Maine...     Shivering this morning in Northern CA
> were it is a cold morning in the  high 40s...
> Used to live in Monterey, and at a December Indy Car test session at
> Laguna Seca, long ago, Bobby Rahal exclaimed:  "Why Laguna Seca?! It's
> WINTER out there!   My home track is under 4 ft of snow!  [Mid Ohio
> Raceway]  But you guys here in Monterey dont know real winter!"  Then
> after the Laguna Seca Testing he went to Pebble Beach to play some golf.
> He was in Hawg heaven....
> All the best,   73
> Pat Barthelow
> aa6eg@hotmail.com


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