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[CQ-Contest] Skimmer, CQWW, how to cheat, etc

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Skimmer, CQWW, how to cheat, etc
From: kr2q@optimum.net
Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2008 10:59:28 +0000 (GMT)
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Pete, et al:

I thank you for "keeping us in the loop" on the various progressions for 
it has been very enlightening for all readers.

First, I would like to say that the comments which follow are my own and should 
be interpreted as anything other than my own comments.

With respect to CQWW, the language (IMHO) is very clear.  Check the rules 
"The use of DX alerting assistance of any kind places the station in the Single
Operator Assisted category."

Use of skimmer is certainly DX Alerting Assistance.  Are YOU finding the DX and 
yourself?  No.  You are getting assistance both in identifying the callsign and 
the QRG.

So for me, there is zero doubt that Skimmer in CQWW is assisted.  I will say 
that my
opinion is biased, based on my decades of experience with how the CQWWCC thinks 
(but no guarantee).

Next, I am not entirely happy that you basically are posting (what your opinion 
is on) how
to CHEAT and not get caught when using Skimmer (and I agree with everybody 
else, that
substituting the word Packet or Spotting Nets for "skimmer" works VFB).

The methods you outline have been known since day one of packetcluster.  All I 
can say
is that I have personal knowledge that it is possible to find "that kind" of 
cheater for 
even one QSO.  This was done successfully well over a decade ago - maybe two.  
I'll leave it at that.

I haven't reviewed the ARRL rules (or others) so I won't comment on that aspect 

Finally, I also agree with Randy (and others) in that Top Tier Contesters have 
a strong
incentive to not cheat.  Perhaps "other tier" contesters may have the desire to 
which becomes overwhelming (or somehow justifiable to them) and hence they fall 
grace.  Once you cheat on one QSO, how hard is it to justify, "just one more?"  
This is a
very, very slippery slope.  

For me, there is nothing like finishing the contest and knowing that I have 
earned every point which I am claiming.

I fully expect Skimmer will be a mandatory tool for all multi-op and assisted 

de Doug KR2Q
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