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Subject: [CQ-Contest] 40 Meters Antennes - Yaguis - Verticals - rigid dipole...solutions pse.
From: ea8auw@cidxs.com
Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2008 22:18:31 +0200 (CEST)
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Hello friends!

I want to make an effective antenna for 40 meters for to use it near of
the salt water in contest, not for everydays qso. sometimes the valid
antennes for everydays not running well in contest..... I think.-

Well, My first thought was to make a 2 elm. full size with 4 fishing rod
of 8.00 meters of large plus 3.00 meters of aluminium tube to each side of
the boom. The central boom would be of aluminium and 6 meters of large
more o less. the rest of the antenna it's with fine wire 1,5 or 2
milimeters on the fishing rod tuned to his size.

Yestarday, I can to read an article of Kenneth K2KW named DXpedition
Antennas for Salt Water Locations A study on 20m Antennas and he says that
it is better 2-element vertical array using vertical dipoles that yagis

Now, I think many in this, Because I have many doubts, I want to make 2
elem. vertical array, sometimes I am thinking in to make 4 square for 40
meters, But I cannot delete of my mind the 2 elem. full size yagi.

I have many time now for to make several antennes testing and for to make
several antennes also. but I need some schematics with size, connections,
space, separations between verticals and more details, if you have some
schematic of some antenna system valid and effective for contest, and
dxpeditions please send me at ea8auw@gmail.com or write to me and say me
where I can see them.

Also, you can write me to comment on your experiences with these types of
antennas, if you know as working 2 elem array vertical dipole, 2 elem.
parasitic vertical dipole, 4 square, 2 phasing vertical or 2 elem. yagui.
what it's the best for you....

I am not electronic, Possibly I could not it makes the relay or phasing
box for 4 square, if it's difficult....

this is all, for teh moments.....

Thanks you to all in advanced, any news it's very appreciated.

Big 73 de Edu EA8AUW.-

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