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[CQ-Contest] FQP 40 SSB Mobile Window and Activity

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] FQP 40 SSB Mobile Window and Activity
From: FLQSOParty@aol.com
Date: Fri, 25 Apr 2008 01:27:27 EDT
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We interrupt this broadcast of the Skimmer Debate Network for this special 
announcement from the sponsors of the Florida QSO Party.  After all, there is 
barely one day left until the 2008 FQP.  

Based upon observation of the 40 Meter SSB segment, the suggestion has been 
made to move the mobile window into a quieter portion of the band.  We've had 
it up at 7265-7275 for years, but there are carriers throughout that segment 
these days.  

Now that the General portion of the band is wider (7175-top), the proposal 
was to move the window just above the low edge where there is less broadcast 

Note that to stay within the General segment, you should xmit no lower than 
7178 on LSB (just as on 20 Meters, you stay below 14347 on USB!).  So, we 
propose that the mobile window be moved to 7180-7190 and the FQP activity 
up from there.  

Since we will not be able to get the word out to everyone, it would still be 
advisable to check both areas of the band for FQP activity.  

Comments welcome!

It was also proposed to meet informally on 7180 at 0200Z Saturday night as we 
used to do in the earlier years of the rejuvenated FQP.  We'd like to hear 
from the out-of-staters then as to what counties are rare and still needed 
the first 10 hours.  Several mobile teams are flexible with their Sunday 
plans.  Those needed counties can also be posted to the FQP reflector.  

Thanks for the semi-commercial interruption and thanks in advance for 
everyone's activity in the FQP this weekend!  Starts at Noon ET/16Z Saturday 
for 10 
hours, then off for 10 hours between 02-12Z and back on Sunday for 10 more 
hours 12-22Z.  

73, Dan, K1TO
President, Florida Contest Group, annual sponsor of the FQP
http://www.floridaqsoparty.org for more info

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