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Re: [CQ-Contest] Top Ten scores & 3830 postings?

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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] Top Ten scores & 3830 postings?
From: Chris Adams <n4vi@comcast.net>
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Date: Sun, 31 Aug 2008 21:58:09 -0600
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I wish to congratulate J88DR, OM5XX and EA8CW for their top 10 finish in 
the CW WW CW SOAB_LP category.  The fact that you elected not to post 
your scores on 3830 doesn't diminish your accomplishments in my eyes one 

Comments to others:

"This is becoming a more widespread practice. Some folks simply don't 
the scrutiny of having their 3830-posted score compared with their final score."

They still finished in the top 10, seems like they did pretty well.  Also, I 
suspect it's about to become a much more widespread practice.

"I think I am at least partially "to blame" for some people not posting scores 
3830. A few years ago, I posted to CQ-Contest comparing 3830-posted scores to 
the final results."

I have no idea if you are or not, but I am aware (directly from the op) of 
someone who did get their SS score noticeably reduced due to doing a 29 minute 
time off instead of a 30 minute time off.  Thankfully he didn't post on 3830 
for all the world to see.  Obviously he never made that mistake again.  Reading 
between the lines for the root cause of a significant change in score requires 
a good amount of ESP.


I think it is unfair to question the accuracy or integrity of a log
solely because the results are not posted on 3830.  However, I do
consider it a breach of contest etiquette.

I disagree.

I always like to add commentary to my 3830 postings, including listing 
all the gear/antennas/etc. I was using for the contest.  I like to go back and
read my own posts from years past to see what I did, how the station I use
has changed, what mistakes I felt I made, etc.

Bravo, bravo Ken.  To me, that's what 3830 is all about.  Obviously others have 
a vastly different (and IMHO) wrong perception.

"I think the 3830 mailing list does its job perfectly.  The people who want
to contribute their scores right after the contest can do so.  Everyone gets
an immediate feedback as to how people did, but we still get to have a
little bit of mystery of not knowing if there is another big score out"



"Send in your score to 3830.  Do it as fast as you can.  Understand that the 
longer you wait, the more you will raise eyebrows about your own personal 
integrity.  That's just the way it is whether you think it's right or not."

Is it?  Obviously for a few, but I'll stand my ground and say it makes 
absolutely no difference to me.  I think there's many more that agree with me, 
and we need to put the hammer down on impugning someone's personal integrity 
based on whether or not they post their results to an unofficial website, how 
long it takes them, or if they elect not to post at all.   


"Blimey, some of you US guys really do want to control everything and have
everything nailed. For goodness sake, we are just amateurs and it's a
voluntary reflector. Why get pissed just because someone you did not expect,
gets a top ten finish and you didn't? All the reflector does is to give us
some idea of how we did in the immediate aftermath of a contest. I know that
it gives me instant gratification that I have a good score. Sadly that
doesn't last because my final score is never anything like my posted score! "

LOL, yes indeed.  It's the type "A" personality US way. 


Chris, n4vi

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