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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] Chairs
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Date: Thu, 6 Aug 2009 10:28:57 -0500
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>My solution is an old library chair from the University of Texas, a chair 
>that's built like a brick wall, with a straight back. It has no arms, and a 
>sculptured wooden bottom that more or less fits the human anatomy. But it's 
>hard wood, so I have a nice thick cushion that's tied to the two rear 
>wooden struts on either side so it doesn't move around.

>Jim George N3BB


HA!  I didn't think there was another op like me. When I took my upright, 
barely padded operating chair to a M/2 operation with W4AN, K4BAI and K4RO, 
they all laughed at it!

I eventually broke it, and have been getting by with a simple office chair 
that does pretty well. But I still drop in to the Univ. of Wisconsin surplus 
store from time to time, looking for another "just right" wooden (or steel) 

73, Gary

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