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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] Contest history
From: Alan Sewell N5NA <alan.n5na@gmail.com>
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Date: Mon, 24 Aug 2009 19:23:36 -0500
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The CQ archive is available online at http://hamcall.net/cqcgi .  A 
subscription is required to access beyond the first 10 pages but it's 
fairly reasonably priced.


Alan  N5NA

James Cain wrote:
> KR2Q wrote:
> "Right!  This is almost word for word what my article in CQ Magazine (early 
> 1980's) advised to do!  The title was something like: "How To Operate an 
> Efficient M/S."  That's about 30 years ago now.  Maybe someone here can find 
> the exact title and publication date."
> One thing to be said for the american radio relay league is that qst back 
> issues are available on line to arrl members. CQ doing the same would be of 
> great benefit to historians but of no business value to the publisher that I 
> can think of.
> Some brave volunteer with all the back issues of CQ, a good scanner, and 
> some spare time, could scan contest-related articles from CQ and donate them 
> to the Contest Wiki. I am sure said volunteer could borrow a complete set of 
> the magazines from someone/somewhere if needed.
> Too bad the arrl does not make National Contest Journal back issues 
> available on line. My guess, and it's only a guess, is that Newington staff 
> time is an issue, along with a perceived lack of demand for NCJ back issues.
> Jim Cain
> At The K1TN Superstation
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