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[CQ-Contest] Level Playing Field.

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Level Playing Field.
From: "Martin , LU5DX" <lu5dx@lucg.com.ar>
Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2011 11:40:28 -0300
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It is really nice to see this great exchange of opinions regarding a
possible distance-based scoring system.
Specially when it comes to DX Contests, such as the ARRL International DX

DX in the ham radio jargon means Distance (or long distance), so it's pretty
understandable that distance turns into a major factor when it comes to
determining the final standings.

When N2IC suggested this solution could eventually be applied to US stations
ONLY, I don't think that would be a fairer approach, since ARRL and CQ
Contests are World Wilde events and distance impacts on stations all over
the world.

In fact, LP1H would have won the world in  most of the contests we entered
in M2 and MM during the past few years. And I would have achieved the same
in SOAB(A) in CQ WW DX CW in 2009 and 2010.

But that really is not the point, it would be a really selfish point of view
to analyze the situation to say the least.

Opinions can be in favor of one approach or the other, but the fact is that
DISTANCE would contribute to better recognize the effort of every single
station entering the contest based on what they achieve in terms of DX
contacts; again, after all, ARRL Int'l is a DX Contest.

Opinions like: "...Just get on the air and have fun..." or "...go to a DX
Spot and have a blast..." or "...I'm in western W0 an have never complained"
 have nothing to do with a Distance Based Score. They just reflect personal
opinions and as with every single aspect of life there can be zillions of
different opinions. (But facts are facts!)

FACT: People will continue to go to the Caribean or CQ Zones 33/35 to rock
the bands during major events. Only thing is, they may need to change
(improve) their strategy and work more than just 1 or 2 E hops contacts to
win the world.

FACT: Distance based scoring will also attract more and more entrants and
will motivate most of us to improve our aerials and operating techniques.

FACT: It will also contribute to increase aggregated Club Scores, based on
the effort club members make to contact stations farther and farther away.

FACT: The fixed 1-3- or 6-point scoring system means nothing when it comes
to determining who really deserves to win in terms of the essence or nature
of a DX contest.

OPINION: Glad the ARRL is taking the lead on this. Whether other will
follow.. hmmm I seriously doubt that. Some of the organizers are just
comfortable with the way things are and that's it.

FACT: About the willingness of Contest Sponsors to improve their events in
certain aspects: Several Clubs have been begging to change an anachronistic
rule regarding Club competition for over eleven years now and it was not
till recently when one (yes only ONE) contest manager showed interest on
what was being requested.

73 de Lu5dx
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