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[CQ-Contest] Accuracy of VY2TT CQWW CW 2010 Log Checking Report

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Accuracy of VY2TT CQWW CW 2010 Log Checking Report
From: "Ken Widelitz" <widelitz@gte.net>
Date: Fri, 07 Oct 2011 11:31:24 -0700
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I've just completed listening to my recording of the errors in my log
flagged by the CQWW CW 2010 Log Checking Report. My conclusion is the LCR
software and reviewers do a great job.


Not surprisingly, of the 92 errors flagged as bad calls, only one was
actually copied correctly. I had K4BX in my log. The LCR said the correct
call was K2AX. K4BX didn't submit a log. K2AX had me in his log with a 2
minute difference. I didn't have K2AX in my log on that band. I don't see
any way to avoid that type of bad flag.


I asked for a fill on 7 of those bad calls, and still got it wrong. 15 times
the other station corrected me, but I didn't correct my log and still got it
wrong. What I found surprising was the number of stations that didn't bother
to correct me.  


Many of the busted calls were on S / H, D / B and U / V characters. Now if
only I can improve on those pairs. Only one was an obvious typo with 4
characters in the suffix


Of the 25 NILs, 13 sounded like good QSOs on the recording. A few of those
NILs even confirmed a 2nd time. No idea how to avoid those. Of the
remaining, most were NILs because I hit the TU VY2TT key too fast and the
QSO partner didn't hear me confirm. I know I'm twitchy on the TU key and
have to be slow it down.  On just one of the NILs did I log the call when
there was clearly no QSO. I had a real lid moment on the 2nd radio and
started CQing after calling a station that didn't come back to me.


What I did find surprising was of the 28 uniques, 14 were actually good
calls. I've always thought about 90% of uniques are copy errors that can't
be confirmed as errors.


Percentagewise, not surprisingly, Sunday late afternoon and evening had more
errors and lid moments. 


Nothing like listening to all your lid moments to put a dent in the ego. 


73, Ken, K6LA / VY2TT





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