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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Live Contest Web Cam from Dayton Crowne Plaza. CTU & more - starts Wednesday May 16
From: "Tim Duffy K3LR" <k3lr@k3lr.com>
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Date: Sun, 13 May 2012 22:42:24 -0500
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Big thanks to Tom, KB4HQA and HQA Radio as they have worked hard to bring
over 20 hours of live Contest CAM Streaming on the web from the Crowne Plaza
(official Contest Hotel) in downtown Dayton, Ohio. The live Contest CAM
stream site includes a dedicated chat room so you can have fun all weekend
long even if you are not in Dayton. Please log in to the contest cam chat
room with your callsign. 

All times below for streamed Dayton Contest CAM events are in USA Eastern
Daylight Savings (EDST) time - Dayton, Ohio (8 PM is 0000 Zulu) and the
times are the approximate start and end of the contest cam events.

Starting this Wednesday evening you can go to any of the web sites listed
below and click on the Live Stream Contest CAM button. The same Live
Streaming Contest CAM web link is used for all Crowne Plaza live stream
activities - for all four days.

The Crowne Plaza Live Contest CAM video stream will start Wednesday at about
8 PM and go to 11 PM. This is during 2012 CTU Registration and the CTU pizza
party at 10:30 PM.

On Thursday a small portion of the more than 20 CTU Professor presentations
- will be shown live from the 2012 Dayton Contest University classrooms at
the Crowne Plaza. Please note that the exact presentations that will be
shown on the CTU live contest cam stream will be random. The stream will be
live from 8 AM to 5 PM (9 hours!) at Dayton CTU. This live web cam
presentation is intended to give you a taste of what is happening CTU.

Thursday night the live Contest CAM stream will be from the Contest Super
Suite (Harding Ball Room) 8 to 11 PM (includes the pizza party).

Friday evening, the two presentations during the 23rd Annual Top Band Dinner
(W3LPL and W2GD) will be streamed on the contest cam live from about 8PM to
9 PM from the Presidential Ball Room. Starting at about 9 PM the Contest
Super Suite will be live streamed until 11:30 PM. 

The "Spurious Emission Band" live performance starts at 10:30 PM from the
Contest Super Suite and will be shown Live on the Contest CAM web stream.

On Saturday evening starting around 7:30 the Contest CAM live stream will be
on the air from the 20th Annual Dayton Contest Dinner in the Presidential
Ball Room. The dinner keynote speech by N6TR and the CQ Contest Hall of Fame
inductions by K3EST will be shown live. K1AR is the Master of Ceremonies for
the Contest Dinner. From about 10 to 11:30 PM the live contest cam will
stream from the Contest Super Suite.

Dayton Crowne Plaza Live Contest CAM buttons are available (video starting
Wednesday evening EDST USA) from:





Thanks to QTH.com for our super web site construction and hosting

The live Contest Cam is also available from HQA radio:


Very 73,
Tim K3LR

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