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[CQ-Contest] Big change in WRTC game

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Big change in WRTC game
From: Уманец Владимир Николаевич <umanec@polyot.ru>
Date: Mon, 21 May 2012 08:51:01 +0500
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Ed, WRTC has ALWAYS been a political game, like most other sport events of 
international scale.

I like the change. Now the team leaders will have to solve a real problem of 
making the right choice 
between the all time friend and a real good op. Certainly not an easy task! 

I agree with Jose. This is a good twist and  puts more accent on the true 
operating skills of BOTH
members of the team. A real challenge to some former winning teams!

I salute to the WRTC 2014 for that move. WRTC must go on!

73's & GL, Willy UA9BA 


Always amazes me, the whole WRTC process.  50% of the participants have not
qualified to go, yet go every event.  Now these, non-qualifiers can operate
the entire contest just by virtue of being long time friends of the
qualifiers.  Don't get me wrong, long time friends of great operators, are
mostly, or at least used to be, great operators.  But they often could not
have qualified for the current event, yet they sit there competing, why?


We are really kidding ourselves to call that system the amateur radio
Olympics folks.  Can you imagine the REAL Olympics is the relay team was
made up of 2 people who qualified to be there and 2 people with some other
reason to get the nod?


A real Olympic competition would be made up of only those who have
personally qualified to be there and by doing as close to as possible what
would be expected during the completion.  To limit Multi-2 submissions and
then turn it into a M2 contest is ironic.  It adds to the irony of de-rating
low power contest competition but then holding the contest with low power.


In my opinion, everyone who competes should have earned the right to be
there and what they are doing competing should as closely resemble what got
them there as possible.  Anything else is a political game, honestly.




Ed  N1UR

73's & GL, Willy UA9BA

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