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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Impressions of Contesters University and other Contester Dayton Events
From: "Mark, K5ER" <k5er@arrl.net>
Date: Thu, 31 May 2012 22:07:04 -0500
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Thanks Tom,
        For the kind words about the LCC during contest related activities at 
Hamvention. The Louisiana Contest Club was born in Dayton just a few years 
ago, at a table in the middle of the contester's super suite. We were just 
a few guys, excited about the hobby, who folks like K3LR, K5ZD, K8MR, WE3C 
and a few others actually took time to talk to. Some of us were just happy 
to be in the room with these "celebrities", but somebody took time to 
welcome US in, so we got together and did something, forming the club.

        This year, it was great to meet the members of the NO0BZ (noobies) 
Club. You guys were learning, having fun, and each of you exuded 
enthusiasm! Anyone around you couldn't help but get excited just watching 
ya'll soaking it all in. Your club, and guys like you are the future of our 
hobby. You are where the LCC was just a few years ago, and I promise you, 
it won't be long before you see your skills and scores rising, and others 
will come to YOU for advice and encouragement. Its a GREAT feeling to be 
able to pay something back to the hobby. Just look at K3LR and all the CTU 
professors and see how much fun they are having.

        Take care and the LCC wishes the NO0BZ club members the best of luck. 
please tell Jeff, if he ever comes to Louisiana, we'll arrange another 
"Hooter's Hug" for him. Keep up the excitement and we hope to see you again 
next year!

Mark, K5ER
Louisiana Contest Club

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