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[CQ-Contest] text of latest contest exchanges

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] text of latest contest exchanges
From: Charles Harpole <hs0zcw@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2012 03:37:41 +0700
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Here is the text of all that needs to go over the air in today's

You Hear...  "Test" at 50 wpm.
You Send...  K1xxx, your call sign once.
You Hear...   "K1xxx, tu."
You Send....  tu
You Hear...   "Test" at 50 wpm.
and so on.......................

In this case, the Running station on 14.035.148 calling "Test" is known
because, when he signed onto that freq. he gave his call over the air once,
the Skimmer and spots picked it up, and others can see the call sign on
screen.  Because contest programs give the zone automatically, there is no
need to send that over the air, and no need to send the Runner's call nor
exchange.  Of course, in my example, YOUR "tu" will occur at the same time
as the Runner sends "Test" again over you, in order to get on with the
show. ENN (formerly called 599) need not be sent ever, of course.

Soon a refined Skimmer will deliver serial numbers, names, and any other
info exchanges for various other contests, too.  No need to copy over the

Also, there should be, soon, a Skimmer that copies CALLING S&Pers' call
signs and info, so that cuts out that step in my example too.  Repeats on
other bands provide that info today, and "super check partial" fills in
callers, too.

Is today's situation really fun?  Is winning a little too important?  Oh,

Charly, HS0ZCW
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