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[CQ-Contest] The mess I stirred up!

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] The mess I stirred up!
From: Art Boyars <artboyars@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2013 05:24:36 -0500
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Rather than filling my Inbox with CQ-Contest e-mail, I read the archives
on-line.  Hence, my responses always lag.  VE4XT had Cc'ed me on his reply
to "Enough of this nonsense!!", and I heard at last night's meeting of my
local Radio Club something about N6TR's posted a reply.  I was waiting for
Tree's reply to appear in the archives before I responded.  (I did reply
directly to VE4XT, explaining that I was waiting.  While waiting, I
researched some previous discussion of this, and related, issues to use in
my response.  That material goes back to December 2004!)

No responses to my original post had appeared by the time I QRT about 11PM
last night.  I happened to wake up an hour early this morning (4AM, instead
of my regular Tues & Fri 5AM; I have a 6AM class those two days).  I
checked to see if Tree's reply had appeared.  Holey Moley!  It took me over
30 minutes to read the posted replies.  MOST of what I would have said has
already been mentioned.  Now I'll have to digest all that and recompose my
response -- if any.

If I do re-post, I promise that it will be civil, and that I will try to
keep it light-hearted.

For now:

"10 seconds" might be a little too agressive.  Likely so in SS CW; likely
not in NAQP.

I should not have assumed that the other op's non-response was from being
on the other radio.  Maybe his computer froze up, or maybe he had to
sharpen his pencil.  (Nonetheless, if you are, for whatever reason, silent
for long enough, then you lose the freq.)  (Having worked Anna and Carol in
NAQP, and being a modern guy, I realize that I should not say he/his.  We
really non-gendered pronouns in English.)

Now, it 5:23 AM and I have to hustle to get ready for my class.

73 es cul, Art K3KU
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