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[CQ-Contest] Feb NA SSB sprint results posted ath ssbsprint.com

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Feb NA SSB sprint results posted ath ssbsprint.com
From: Chris Tate - N6WM <ctate@ewnetinc.com>
Date: Wed, 13 May 2015 03:55:10 +0000
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Greetings fellow contesters!  The preliminary results for the Feb NA Sprint 
have been posted at http://ssbsprint.com/results/ .   We will have these 
available for review for a short time prior to finalizing.  There is a link at 
the top of the page for anyone who has any questions.  I had a great time and I 
know many of you did too!

I want to draw attention to the results currently showing 5 operators achieving 
Worked all States in 4 hours of the contest!  They will be the first 5 SSB 
sprint "WAS in 4 hours" award winners.  A tremendous achievement.  Summaries of 
all the team standings, top 10 and more found at the bottom of the results.

Note: this time around, we chose to post preliminary results (sort of 
sweepstakes style) since this is a new contest scoring system and wanted to 
make sure everyone had an opportunity to review.

After a reasonable review period,  I will finalize the results, provide a 
contest write up including the formal prize winner announcements.

Kudo's to the excellent work of Tom Epperly, NS6T for putting up with the SSB 
Sprint Committee's infinite questions and feedback and developing the code and 
computations making these results possible.

Again, check them out at


73 and enjoy!
And most importantly.. Thanks for participating and having fun in the NA Sprint 

On behalf of the NA SSB sprint committee

Contest Manager
NA Sprint SSB

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