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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Distance Based Scoring
From: "W7VJ" <w7vj@millerisar.com>
Date: Wed, 27 May 2015 19:44:20 -0700
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Perhaps the focus on geographic disparity has been aggravated by the growing
disparity in scores between geographically challenged areas of the world and
the others.  Regardless, the topic seems to remain of interest to us in the
more geographically challenged sections possibly in part due to a feeling by
some that our scores are marginalized in comparison to the high scoring
world contending areas of the world/U.S.  It is also challenging year after
year to put in time, effort, and resources into building a station and
improving skills and watching only incremental improvements in comparison.
Yes, we could move to a high scoring area of the country/world, but since
amateur radio is not a lifestyle for some us, that is less likely to happen.


Ward's point on the subject are well taken.   Yet it would be nice to have
some handicap as an alternative to distance based scoring, based on some
rolling ratio of top score in a zone or region to the top scoring country
and/or world location over a period of time.  The ratio might apply over a
one, three, or five year period, and subject to  an established, standard
sponsor's formula that could be calculated on line.  To get of sense of how
one's score compared to the top country/world to scorers in a category one
would apply the ratio to one's actual score in a contest to get a
comparative score as if one had been located in the top scoring region.  No
change in rules, administration, or anything else, save perhaps more of a
focus on regional/zone scores than on overall country world score. 








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