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Re: [CQ-Contest] Category hopping, new angle

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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] Category hopping, new angle
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Date: Thu, 10 Dec 2015 13:46:46 -0500
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Zone 33/35 has the advantage over Zone 8/9 of being a short shot away from 
about 60 countries in Europe, vs. maybe 10 available in NA from zone 8/9. 
Secondarily, the antipodes from 33/35 is roughly KH6, which is one country/zone 
in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, vs. roughly Zone 26 being the other side 
from 8/9 - not exactly a hotbed of activity, but with a lot more stuff +/- 3000 

That said, in 2015 PJ2 had an advantage over CR3 of being the only active 
station in the country, vs. CR3OO and maybe some others, to distract multiplier 
hunters away from CR3L spots/pileups.

And as I posted earlier, the advantage of M/M over M/2 will be decreasing as 
the sunspots go down, and 10 meters becomes less of a factor.

73  -  Jim  K8MR

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Of course Martin...I just compare "similar" locations, where I consider PJ2 
being a prettyequal one to zone 33 or 35.A M/S station in Zone 33 or 35 should 
have issues to beam a M2 or MMstation in Zone 8 or 9.Remember Martin, I am 
myself from SM so pretty much familiar to challengesof the north (or the south) 
when it comes to trying to win.My reflection was just that CR3L as M2 logically 
should have no chance towin MM in case MM efforts would have been of similar 
class as most years.This year, MM was probably one of the easier categories to 
be in top...  Nooffence to those who participated, but scores were quite low 
compared towhat normally can be expected from a station that theoretically can 
have 6RUN stations 48 hours.73 de Mats RM2D 
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