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Re: [CQ-Contest] [YCCC] Key Clicks in ARRL DX CW

To: "'Jukka Klemola'" <jpklemola@gmail.com>, "'George K5KG'" <georgek5kg@aol.com>
Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] [YCCC] Key Clicks in ARRL DX CW
From: "Stephen Bloom" <sbloom@acsalaska.net>
Date: Mon, 22 Feb 2016 19:07:38 -0900
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Hey all:

I do think if someone has a dirty signal ...whether clicks on cw, or
"splatter" on SSB ..first thing is to let the op know.  If they don't show
any interest ...then ..yeah ..put it out there.  

Steve KL7SB

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George, others ..
Please consider the panadapter may show strong signals as wide.
Most web sdr receivers show strong signals wide.

Please verify the wide signals that they actually are wide.

In case of strong signals, the actual width may be produced even by your
noise blanker.

Correct tuning set for the receiver are as important as correct settings for

Jukka OH6LI

2016-02-22 21:46 GMT+02:00 George K5KG via CQ-Contest <

> Ok, I will name names.  TO7A in FM gets the KEY CLIX AWARD FOR 2016!  
> He was not only massively loud [a good thing], but his clicks were 
> absolutely terrible.  At one point, I told him "om bad clix", but he 
> did not respond, and continued his run.  TO7A was not the only station 
> with bad key clicks; TI5W was another one that I made a note of.  
> Unfortunately, those were the only two stations I noted with bad 
> clicks.  In the future, I will make a list of the ones I run across.  
> They are easy to spot, not only with the ears, but with the P3 panadapter.
> 73, George, K5KG
> On 2/22/2016 8:24 AM, Barry N1EU wrote:
>> Great point Randy!  The untenable fact now is that those using clean 
>> transmitters (esp K3) are clearly at a disadvantage when running 
>> because they're just sitting ducks, i.e.  inviting someone to get 
>> real close to them and click all over their run frequency.
>> Barry N1EU
>> On Mon, Feb 22, 2016 at 8:07 AM, Randy Thompson K5ZD 
>> <k5zd@charter.net>
>> wrote:
>> The challenge is that the problem is asymmetric.  It is all good for 
>> the
>>> clicker in that he gets a clear frequency.  And there is little that 
>>> a station not clicking can do in response.
>>> We added the signal quality rule to CQWW, but we receive only 1 or 2 
>>> direct and specific complaints after the contest.  We need more of 
>>> those to gauge impact and to know where to look.
>>> This is problem that is going to take a long time to fix, but it has 
>>> to start with peer pressure.  I.e., naming names publicly and often.  
>>> Stop saying things like "S5 station" and actually say their call.
>>> Randy, K5ZD
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>>>> To: YCCC
>>>> Subject: [YCCC] Key Clicks in ARRL DX CW
>>>> (FYI - I just posted this to CQ-Contest)
>>>> Instead of the situation improving over the past 15 years with more 
>>>> awareness, key clicks on the bands during contests have gotten much 
>>>> worse.
>>>> I've copied excerpts from score postings from W1UE and N1EU below.
>>>> Two groups of contest operators are going to be much more aware of 
>>>> the problem than others: those who run a lot (and experience the 
>>>> clarity and usability of their run frequency deteriorate over time) 
>>>> and those equipped with panadapters.  I also suspect that east 
>>>> coast operators are going to be impacted more due to stronger European
signal levels.
>>>> I suspect the situation doesn't bother most contesting folks as 
>>>> much as me.  I really think it has gotten bad enough to warrant 
>>>> extreme measures
>>>> - we've got the tools to monitor/playback spectrum.  Wide signals 
>>>> simply should NOT be tolerated and operators should be disqualified.
>>>> The other measure I'd really like to see is an S&P only category 
>>>> because I, for one, would like to throw in the towel entirely on 
>>>> running during cw contests.
>>>> 73,
>>>> Barry N1EU
>>>> On Mon, Feb 22, 2016 at 6:54 AM, Dennis Egan <egan.dennis88@gmail.com>
>>>>   wrote:
>>>> Sunday afternoon on 40M was a true click-fest.  I had a good 40M
>>>>> frequency, with a rate of about 80.  Gerry W1VE then nestles in 
>>>>> 400 cycles up, and I started getting key clicks, destroying the 
>>>>> frequency for Rx.  I slid up to chastise him for the clicks, but 
>>>>> when I got on his frequency I could still hear the clicks- his 
>>>>> station wasn't generating them!  I went up another 4 KHz, and the 
>>>>> offender was an S5 station occupying about 20KHz of spectrum with 
>>>>> his key clicks!  His station was only S6- if he could have 
>>>>> channeled the power expended on his clicks into his signal, he
probably would have been S9.
>>>>> On Sun, Feb 21, 2016 at 8:02 PM, Barry N1EU <barry.n1eu@gmail.com>
>>> wrote:
>>>> Lastly, I have to say that I ended the weekend with a bad taste in 
>>>> my
>>>>> mouth from the rampant key clicks on the band and the recurring 
>>>>> experience of having my clear run frequency eventually being 
>>>>> over-ridden by key clicking neighbors getting too close, over and 
>>>>> over and over again. I'm not sure if having the P3 panadapter is a 
>>>>> good thing or a bad thing, because it clearly shows the band 
>>>>> filled with wide key clicking signals. It's really sad that the 
>>>>> ham radio community has never come to grips with this solvable 
>>>>> issue. It has
>>>> seriously spoiled cw contesting for me.
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