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[CQ-Contest] Log coordination server for distributed operations.

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Log coordination server for distributed operations.
From: "Martin , LU5DX" <lu5dx@lucg.com.ar>
Date: Mon, 11 Jul 2016 11:47:20 -0300
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Hi guys,
I've heard several comments of HQ stations having log syncing problems over
the weekend during the IARU HF Championship.

I wonder if a standard Log Coordination Protocol would be a good idea.

This way all clients would point to just one (high availability) server via
TCP or HTTP (I don't think it would hurt to use http).

The Coordinating Log would be just that: a log, with some additional
features to facilitate such a task.

Either  a tiny portable DB could be used for that purpose (SQLite) or even
a flat file  and some additional syncing software.

This would reduce traffic between the stations and make it more efficient.

To eliminate SPOF the coordinating server could have a real time replicas
in different availability zones. This is easily done in most cloud service

What would be really nice is to come to an agreement about the coordination
log format so that it wouldn't matter if you were running different logging
programs during  a contest.

Just an idea.


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