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[CQ-Contest] KL7RA Nikiski AK Station

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] KL7RA Nikiski AK Station
From: sbloom@acsalaska.net
Date: Thu, 04 Aug 2016 06:45:01 -0800
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Hi all:
I'm happy (and sad, and scared and overwhelmed) to report that I've agreed to a 
three year lease with an option to buy on Rich Strand's station/property in 
Nikiski, AK.  This will actually be the second of Rich's QTHs to live on past 
him ..(N1TX/KL2R owns his original place in Fairbanks, AK).  I expect this 
contest season to be something of a "muddle through it" situation.  I'm already 
committed outside for all three of the CQWWs, but I would expect the station to 
be on in some fashion, and we'll definitely be there for the ARRL DXs.  Wigi 
Tozzi KL0R/AL7IF will be the "Station Manager."  We have a lot to figure out.  
We may have the equipment and the antennas, but we don't have the mad genius 
who would climb towers in 0F in the middle of a contest to fix something.  By 
the end of the lease I/we will hopefully have figured out exactly what it takes 
to maintain an operation like this and have a long term plan in place.  I just 
hope we are a bit worthy to carry on the legacy.  The one regret I have is ...I 
didn't know Rich's XYL Jyl very well before this, but that is one smart, 
strong, and classy woman, who was *very* concerned and flexible about keeping 
the place in the contest community. 
73 and Thanks
Steve KL7SB
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