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CT8.52 Observations

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Subject: CT8.52 Observations
From: reisert@wrksys.enet.dec.com (Jim Reisert AD1C 07-Mar-1994 1201)
Date: Mon, 7 Mar 1994 11:57:02 -0500
Bob Naumann  KR2J wrote:

>I tried to get the Multi.CFG file working with our setup of 9 computers but 
>I kept getting memory conflict errors and gave up.

Interestingly, I saw an error which I thought was attributed to MULTI.CFG as
well.  We changed the name of *one* station in the file on *one* computer,
then CT would dump out before coming all the way up.  After trying
many things with the MULTI.CFG, I finally restalled the CT executable, and
it seemed to work again.  This was with Version 9.xx.  This was on a 386
with Stacker and QEMM.

>Wish list:
>We (the N2RM operators) would like to be able to "log" all of the gab and 
>packet stuff to a file.  Some really great stuff happens and it's all 

Me too!

>Keeping some number of packet spots( 10 or 20? )  in a buffer seperate from 
>the "announcements" window would be great.  Sometimes you see something and 
>look away and it's gone!

Well, the new "bandmap" feature in Version 9 does this.  It puts up a window
with all QSOs worked or spotted on your band in the last hour, in frequency
order, along with the time they were worked or spotted.  The QSOs are
different colors depending on whether they are new mults, new QSOs or
already worked.  So all the information you need is probably in this window.

73 - Jim AD1C

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