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TS-850/950 interface problems

To: <ct-user@contesting.com>
Subject: TS-850/950 interface problems
From: Dave Hawes <34703@vlf03v31.ueci.com> (Dave Hawes)
Date: 8 Mar 94 10:18:39 EDT
At N3RS this weekend we used a TS-950SDX and a beta copy of CT9.  Ken
assures me that the code in CT9-beta is no different than that in 8.52
regarding the radio interface.  Well, WE HAD TONS OF TROUBLE!

I'd like to hear from 850/950 owners about any radio interface problems
you may have had.  Send any input to me directly, and I will summarize
back to the reflector.

If the fault lies with the radio interface itself, not with CT, then I
will lead a frontal assault on Kenwood to do something about it.  Who's
with me?  (Incidentally, Ken tells me that it is most definitely the
radio, not his code.)

73 - Dave, N3RD

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