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Yaseu/CT snooping

To: <ct-user@contesting.com>
Subject: Yaseu/CT snooping
From: daford@almaden.ibm.com (Daniel Ford, (408) 927-2203)
Date: Sun, 17 Apr 94 10:21:57 -0800

I spent yesterday afternoon watching my FT-890 interact with CT (V8.42) and
now have a better idea of what is happening to cause the time out problems
and delays that people are experiencing using CT with Yaseu radios.  Thanks
to Dick (AA6MC) for the suggestion!

Set up:         CT (V8.42) running on an IBM thinkpad (x486, DOS6.0 & OS/2 2.1)
                Yaseu FT-890 (less than a year old)
                Yaseu's CAT interface (TTL <-> RS-232)
                Toshiba laptop running ProComm in monitor mode

I tapped into the RS-232 receive and transmit lines between the radio and the
laptop running CT and watched the exchange on the Toshiba laptop.  Here's what


        When CT first comes up it queries the radio with two commands:

                FAh     -       return 24 status flags in 5 bytes
                10h 03h -       return 18 bytes encoding VFO A & B

        The radio responds INSTANTLY with 23 bytes containing the correct
        information (well almost, it seemed to think the antenna tuner was
        on when it wasn't, but that is all that wasn't correct).

        CT pauses 2-3 seconds and then prints the "YASEU Radio timeout"


        When using CT to change the frequency of the radio by typing it
        in the call sign area, this is the exchange:

        As above for start up, CT first queries the radio with the commands.

                FAh     -       return 24 status flags in 5 bytes
                10h 03h -       return 18 bytes encoding VFO A & B

        And again the radio instantly sends the requested 23 bytes.

        CT pauses and then times out.  When it does, it sends the following
        commands to switch the radio  anyway.

                05h 01h                 - switch to VFO B
                0Ch 00h/01h             - mode LSB/USB
                05h 00h                 - switch to VFO A
                0Ch 00h/01h             - mode LSB/USB
                0ah -- -- -- --         - set frequency
                01h 00                  - split on

        The radio responds instantly and changes frequency.


        When switching bands with CT (ALT-F2, ALT-F1), CT does not first
        query the radio.  Instead it simply sends the change frequency
        command sequence.  The radio responds instantly
        to band change requests.


        It would appear that CT is not recognizing the status replies
        from Yaseu radios.  I traced the RS-232 traffic right up to the
        connector of the machine running CT and the other monitoring laptop
        had no problem receiving the characters sent by the radio.

        One guess is that there is a race condition in CT between
        send and receive and that Yaseu radios reply too quickly.  There
        is a command to tell Yaseu radios to slow down, perhaps that
        should be tried.

        Of course, this doesn't explain why Bruce was able to get it to
        work with his 990 just by using the Yaseu interface.

        Any ideas why CT would not be recognizing the replies?


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