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PC com ports

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Subject: PC com ports
From: sharriso@sysplan.com (Steve Harrison)
Date: Tue, 9 Aug 1994 12:08:39 -0400 (EDT)

On Mon, 8 Aug 1994, Steven Affens wrote:

> John,  I won't address your question entirely.  However, I can tell you 
> that a BUS mouse intalled here really helped.  It frees one serial 
> port usually used by the mouse.  I'll be watching for other suggestions.
> 73 Steve K3SA

My own 1984 Microsoft bus mouse is apparently counted as LPT2 when 
looking at Norton'w SYSINFO. Funny thing is, however, that I'm using my 
CT keyer interface on a paralled port which is also addressed as LPT2 on 
an Advantage Plus add-on memory board; yet, there doesn't seem to be a 
conflict! I run the printer as LPT1 from the combo IDE-controller-I/O 
board, and it also works fine. Until Sunday night (when I was trying to 
understand the mess that Windows 3.1 makes of COM port addresses), I'd 
always thought the bus mouse defaulted to COM1, and so had always set all 
other COM ports as COM2 on up. Last night however, I loaded a program I 
got from the Tradewinds BBS which tests all serial comm devices for their 
types (whether 8250, 16450 or 16550) and shows their addresses and IRQs; 
it showed that COM1 is, indeed, vacant, just as I'd set it up in the 
belief that the bus mouse defaulted to COM1!

Sure would be nice it documentation on these things was available cheaply 
(I mean free or at least less than having to pay $25+ for some monster 
paperback of which 90% is so much babytalk) and easily so all we dunceheads
would know what in the heck we are REALLY doing... 73, Steve KO0U/4 

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