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Subject: COM PORTS
From: 0006726326@mcimail.com (Thomas A. Collins)
Date: Tue, 9 Aug 94 21:23 EST
I use a standard I/O card (hard/floppy controller card, 2 COM ports)
[and LPT port]  with 2 COM ports configured to COM 1, IRQ 4; COM2, IRQ 3.
I also have a "Twin Com" ('brand name

' I guess)  configured as COM 3, IRQ 2; COM4 IRQ 5.  This card has been
in use for SEVERAL years, first with a 286, and now with my 486, with
NO problems.  The computer(s) (first the 286, and now the 486) are 
used in a 3 station MM, with it being the "central" computer, with 
ALL FOUR COM PORTS OPERATIONAL (radio control, packet, and one
computer on each end), with NO problems.   The card cost me $20 and change.
I believe that COM3 and COM4 are "rerouted" through IRQ 2 to the 
higher IRQs.  I think there were several messages about that thread a
few weeks ago.  When I contest from home, with one radio, with CT 9.XX, 
I can use the serial mouse on COM1, packet on COM2, and radio control on
COM3.  That way, I can also route packet to a dumb terminal/terminal 
program on the computer.  My modem is on COM1, and also is switched.  
No unplugging/plugging cables!  I have never used the Diamond Flower card,
nor any other "4 COM ports on one board
" card.  GL  Tom, KY2T 6726326@MCI.COM

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