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Loop Networks with CT9?

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Subject: Loop Networks with CT9?
From: WD8AUB@delphi.com (WD8AUB@delphi.com)
Date: Tue, 23 Aug 1994 22:42:03 -0400 (EDT)
Hello.  I am a new subscriber to the CT-USER, please excuse if this 
question is overly simple or rehashed often.

I will be operating multi-multi in VP5 land (VP5VW) in CQWW-CW and plan
to take along 5 laptops.  My hope is that I can use CT9 with a single
com port on each computer (multi com port laptops are rare in the rental
department) which I plan to rent at least 2 of the 5.

My question is whether CT9 supports the LOOP Network and whether any m/m
have tested it on CT9?  Considerable resources are going into this m/m and
I want to iron out any bugs ahead of travelling down there.  Any other
hints and suggestions welcome.

By the way, I really like CT9 and have had no problems with CT902.  
73 de Doug Klein, WD8AUB  WD8AUB@DELPHI.COM.
op at WD8LLD (multi-op station) and VP5VW (m/m in '94 CQWW CW)

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