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ct v8 or v9

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Subject: ct v8 or v9
From: craigr@marlin.nosc.mil (craigr@marlin.nosc.mil)
Date: Thu, 1 Sep 94 09:58:53 pst
ON6TT writes:
 > Last year, at OT3T, we had a long discussion abt the 10 minute rule. We have 
> come up with what we call 'ON4UN's 10 minute rule':                           
>   a. look up the time of the last QSO logged 2 bands ago                      
>   b. if that QSO was logged more than 10 minutes ago, the QSY is ok.          
> That should be pretty easy to implement in CT, right? No more hassle whether  
> you are run or mult station.                                                  

Yes and no.  Under those conditions, yes one station can QSY but you need to
know whether it's the run or the mult station.  Example:

Run station goes to 20 mtrs at 2300Z
Mult station goes to 40 mtrs at 2305Z
At 2311Z, the run station can go to 80 but the mult station can not leave 40 
until 2316Z.  The "ON4UN 10 minute rule" tells you when you can QSY but you
also need to know whether you can run or works mults only after you QSY.  That's
why it's important to note in the log who's the run and who's the mult station. 
I haven't used CT in a M/S so I don't know how it handles multiple stations 
switching the run assignment between them.  As long as the "band-time" doesn't 
violate the rule, you should be OK....

Rick Craig N6ND
NRaD Code 848

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