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CQP, multiple counties

To: <ct-user@contesting.com>
Subject: CQP, multiple counties
From: n6tv@VNET.IBM.COM (Robert A. Wilson)
Date: Thu, 8 Sep 94 17:27:30 PDT
Note that CT does correctly handle mobile stations that move from
county to county, so you can log WN4KKN/m6 in Santa Cruz, then
work him again on the same band/mode when he crosses into Santa Clara.
CT will not count these QSOs as dupes because the county is different.
(This was true in version 8, and probably in Version 9 as well.)  This
is the way it needs to work for proper scoring.  Mobiles are more
common than multi-county stations.

Anyway, when working a station on a county border, you have two choices
if you are using CT:

1)  Log the first county and enter the other counties with the Alt-N
    notepad feature.  Chances are good you will work someone else in
    those counties so you won't have to worry that CT is going to
    miscount your mults.  You can fix the county in the exchange
    field after the contest by manually editing the .ALL file with
    a text editor such as DOS's EDIT command.

2)  Enter the station n times per QSO, entering a different county on
    each line.  This will keep you multiplier checkoff up-to-date.
    After the contest, be sure to mark the "dupes" as zero points
    and adjust your summary sheet accordingly (using EDIT).

It would be great if CT could handle the multi-county situation as well
as the N6TR program or some of the specialized CQP programs by AE6Y and
AD6E, but I have a feeling this is going to require some major surgery
to CT.  If there is enough demand, maybe it will happen.

What say Ken?

Bob, N6TV

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