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FWD: Re: Is K1EA still working on CT?

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Subject: FWD: Re: Is K1EA still working on CT?
From: reisert@madcap.mlo.dec.com (Jim Reisert AD1C)
Date: Mon, 19 Sep 1994 11:42:45 -0400
To: <ct-user@contesting.com>
Date: Mon, 19 Sep 94 07:09:33 pst
From: craigr@n6nd.nosc.mil
Reply-To: craigr@marlin.nosc.mil
To: ct-user@mlo.dec.com
Subject: Re: Is K1EA still working on CT?

N4ZR wrote..
> FWIW, a local sysop told me that PC 6.0 is in beta-test and release is 
> expected soon.  No info on features...

This has been the party line from Pavillion Software for over a year!
The fact is that both Dick and Ken are heavily involved in the comm-
ercial version of PacketCluster and I don't believe any work is being 
done on the amateur version (other than raising the price).  There
have been some discussions by various people about writing a competing
version (possiblely even shareware) using more efficient protocols. 
It may yet happen...  73

Rick Craig N6ND
NRaD Code 848

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