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Subject: ct9.20
Date: 20 Feb 1995 17:07:17 EST
     CT 9.20 worked great this weekend for me too.  I was a little
     trepidatious about using it with no test before the start, but it
     ticked along all weekend just fine.

     The messages from the packet went by on the bottom of the screen too
     quickly to read.

     Second radio keying support would be very nice, as AD1C mentioned.  I
     could not remember which one was being logged all the time - for those
     of us whose second radio is not computer literate - calling a station
     on the wrong band is not productive....

     Also per Jim:  "...It would be real nice to have "CW1" and
     "CW2" for keying each radio with a separate CW port.  That way
     switching the radios with ALT-.  would switch the key as well.  Or
     maybe there is a 2nd CW output that I don't know about...  Maybe you
     can send a list of all the LPT pins and what each one does...."

     There ought to be enough pins on the LPT1 port to support one paddle
     input, two key outputs and the interface to whatever bandswitched
     devices you are using.....


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