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CQWW M/S 10 minute rule

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Subject: CQWW M/S 10 minute rule
From: ken@packetcluster.com (Ken Wolff)
Date: Sat, 26 Aug 1995 07:44:30
I think you are right. Thanks for pointing it out to me. 
>Looking at the CQWW rules in September CQ, I see that the M/S 10 minute rule
>has been clarified.
>The 10 minutes now begins with the first QSO on the new band.
>This is different than the interpretation being used for the 10 minute timer in
>CT 9.23 (and I suspect 9.24).  CT 9.23 starts the timer with the last QSO on
>the previous band.
>I commend the CQWW contest committee for clarifying the previously-ambiguous 10
>minute rule.
>Looks like another enhancement is needed to CT before CQWW.
>Steve, N2IC/0
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ken@packetcluster.com (Ken Wolff)

Submissions:              ct-user@eng.pko.dec.com
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Problems:                 reisert@eng.pko.dec.com

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