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Win 95?

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Subject: Win 95?
From: wb2r@ix.netcom.com (Barry K. Cummings )
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 1995 18:34:32 -0700
I can't believe it! The much-touted Win 95 has been out for a whole 
week, and no one has posted anything regarding the following:

When running CT under the Win 95 Command Prompt, does the CW keying and 
Top Ten box interface from the parallel port work? Does the radio key, 
and does the Top Ten box switch bands?

To forestall much unnecessary mail, I know that CW keying doesn't work 
under NT, and I know why. I strongly suspect that CW keying will not 
work under Win 95, but that Top Ten devices will work.

I'm just astonished that there wasn't a posting timestamped 12:15 AM 
8/24/95 addressing this issue. 

So, does it work, or doesn't it?

...............................................73, Barry
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