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TS850 keying

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Subject: TS850 keying
From: n0dh@comtch.iea.com (n0dh@comtch.iea.com)
Date: Wed, 6 Sep 1995 14:56:47 GMT
aa4ga@mcimail.com wrote:

>AA4U has a TS850 which has a built-in keyer and wants to use this with
>the keying provision in his computer logger, but cannot parallel the
>two...are there any '850 users out there who have figured out how to
>make this happen?  Is there some point inside the radio, after the
>keyer output where he could parallel the computer keying?  Bob says
>that according to Kenwood, it can't be done...

I have done this modification  anyone who wants the details please E-mail me 
at n0dh@comtch.iea.com

>If you have any ideas, please send them directly to Bob (NOT the reflector!!) 

There are probably enough 850 users out there who might be interested so I'm 
here as well as to Bob  direct ~8>) (appologies to anyone who thinks this is 


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