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Subject: COM5-8
From: ke7gh@primenet.com (Brian Short)
Date: Thu, 14 Sep 1995 23:03:36 +0000
At 15:07 9/14/95 -0400, KWIDELITZ@delphi.com wrote:
>When I run COMTSR and specify COM5, it gives me a "Bad comm port number"
>message. However, in SETUP within CT, you can specify COM5. When I do that,
>and then go to the logging screen, it tells me "COMTSR5 Not Loaded, Use
>Setup." Of course, SETUP doesn't solve the problem. HELP Please.
>Submissions:              ct-user@eng.pko.dec.com
>Administrative requests:  ct-user-request@eng.pko.dec.com
>Problems:                 reisert@eng.pko.dec.com
I have used COMTSR5 with no problems, of course specifying -aXXX -iy to
identify the base address and IRQ.  Worked great, I run 6 COM ports on 
both my contest computers and just did a retest recently after some much
needed reconfiguration.

73 de Brian

Submissions:              ct-user@eng.pko.dec.com
Administrative requests:  ct-user-request@eng.pko.dec.com
Problems:                 reisert@eng.pko.dec.com

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